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Classic DJ Drop

Now… Hold The Classics!

Two classic DJ drop liners included in this download. “Now…” vocal only and mixed with effects will work perfectly as part of a DJ intro and “Hold The Classics” by our American female voice talent will help to introduce a new music genre into your mix set.

Intro DJ Drop

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing The Man Of The Hour

Everyone will know you’ve arrived on the DJing decks when you place this booming American male voice drop to open your set. There are two versions in this download – dry (voice only) and mixed with vocal fx too.

Pro DJs use custom DJ drops

What are DJ Drops?

DJ drops are not exactly something that most beginning mixers ever really think about. More often than not, they’re treated like icing on the cake, or as completely unnecessary aspects of DJing that are just best left for the pros. But, despite the lack of respect DJ drops receive from the novice crowd, there are […]